Maury Jones

Maury Jones thrives on creating solutions for clients who find that their home is “bursting at the seams” and are looking for smarter ways to make the most of their space.  He excels at finding ways to bring out the best in every home, which may include interior remodeling, boosting curb appeal or even creating a room addition that blends seamlessly with the existing home.  Helping families find the unique solution that perfectly fits their home and lifestyle is Maury’s ultimate goal for his clients.

Maury understands first hand the challenges and excitement homeowners face when remodeling or adding-on to their homes. In addition to the many renovations he has created for clients, Maury has undertaken three separate renovation projects on his own home, and is keenly aware of creating solutions with an eye to enhancing the home’s resale value.

Maury earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Illinois, and currently lives in the Western Suburbs with his wife Susan and their five school-aged children.

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