Bill Peterson

Bill’s passion for design began at a very young age. As early as his grade school years, Bill knew that he wanted to be an architect; constantly reading house magazines and drawing floorplans for entertainment. He pursued his passion throughout his education, ultimately earning his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Washington State University.

Within the realm of design & architecture, Bill’s talent and skill led him to a fulfilling career in residential design. Subsequent to working for private architectural firms, Bill maintained his own design studio for many years. Classic, timeless design and functionality are key concepts in Bill’s designs; whether they be modern or traditional. He embraces the importance of form following function, and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of finding innovative solutions that get to the core of his clients’ problems; uncovering a home’s true potential in the process.

Bill Peterson currently lives in Park Ridge with his wife and two teenage daughters. He loves to travel, particularly to locales with historically significant architecture, and embraces the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, be it biking along the lake with his family & friends, or working outside in the garden.

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