Home Addition & Kitchen Remodel – Lisa S.

“We did an addition and extensive remodeling of existing space. Normandy understands that remodeling your home can be a very emotional experience. As such, having confidence that things are progressing as you would expect and that the odd issue that comes up is in good hands is essential (and they give you confidence in both – on schedule and on budget and that you are in good hands). My husband and I are both recovering Type A’s so to be able to just sit back and let Normandy be in charge was a bit counter intuitive for us. Architect Vince Weber did an incredible job of listening to what our angst points were with our current layout, helped us understand design and cost trade-offs, knew what would be correct for the period/style of our house (which was important to us), was very patient as we considered lots of alternatives, and provided good counsel when we would occasionally be in really crazy idea territory (making sure to help preserve our long term investment). After working so well with Vince, we went through a bit of withdrawal when we moved to construction and were worried we could never have as good of a relationship on that side. Our Construction Superintendent Al Lovas was everything we could have hoped for and more. He doesn’t accept anything less than perfection from the team, knows how to get things done, appreciates that you have placed your confidence in him, knows that you are spending a lot of money and wants you to get good value for it, is incredibly responsive (answered texts I would send at midnight!) and is simply one of the nicest people we have ever met. And somehow Al and Vince manage to stay in touch constantly. We never spoke to one when the other wasn’t up to speed. They are a great team and we are so happy we picked Normandy. I was a bit nervous about picking a design/build firm vs. architect and bid, but after having been through the process now – SO glad we did. There were plenty of places in the project where an architect and contractor might have been pointing fingers at one another – Normandy just takes care of it.”