Kitchen Remodeling – Buzz A.

“When I was the CEO of our family men’s garment manufacturing company I can’t recall ever having personnel the quality of Kathryn O’Donovan or Bruce Pettingill. There was no way we were going to tumble and fall with Kathryn at our side. She had answers at every turn of the road – and by the way, they were good answers. She demonstrated ultimate support for us, guidance that was sound and thoughtful and the assurance that our kitchen would be just what we wanted. And that is the outcome.

Jan and I have done a lot with our home and through these various endeavors we could tell you more than one story that started in the sunshine and ended up in the mud. I sometimes wonder how we got to where we are with our home when we consider the phonies, the liars and the cheaters that we dealt with through the years. The best thing I can say is that with Normandy I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did. We were very pleased with your staff, your work and that you faithfully kept your word.

The tradesmen who were in our home were cordial, respectful of our property, careful in their work and they even put up with our chocolate Labrador who barked when they arrived and totally lost interest in them in the next second. We are only sorry that we were not fully aware of Normandy in the past because there is no question in our minds that we would have had a higher level of satisfaction with the projects in our home with you at our side. In addition, thank you for the beautiful cutting board.

Kathryn stayed in touch with us throughout and was more than thoughtful. Bruce just could not have been any nicer. We liked him from the start and he was never bothered by our questions. Jan knows a great deal about construction and has surprised many a tradesman with her knowledge. I am stupid when it comes to such matters and have neither the inclination nor the desire to learn. However, when Bruce explained things I understood and admit that I learned a bit. He presented not only Normandy, but himself in the most positive ways. If we decide to do another project I would request that great team of Kathryn and Bruce. It’s a better combination than peanut butter and jelly. In appreciation I told Kathryn I would be happy to speak to a group of your potential clients at one of your presentations. I would neither accept nor expect any remuneration of any kind.

You have built a wonderful organization based on integrity and performance. We thank you for that because in our experience such things are a rare commodity.”


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