Kitchen Remodeling – Stephanie W.

“Our kitchen remodeling was a major project. Knocked down a wall – moved plumbing & electricity. We went to a couple other kitchen remodeling places and then to Normandy Remodeling (formerly Normandy Builders). WHAT A DIFFERENCE. The showroom alone allowed us to pick out everything but appliances without having to go elsewhere. That alone was impressive. Our designer, Leslie Lawrence, gave us 3 designs to choose from. Not just one (1) like the other firms. The whole project seemed overwhelming, but whenever our eyes got real big, Leslie would remind us “baby steps”. In meeting with our Superindent, Chris Beck, any doubts completely vanished. We, in fact were out of town for the demolition and remodeling. The pre-work including all blue prints was so detailed, we had no worries about letting the sub-contractors do their jobs. They sent us photos regularly, so we knew exactly the status of the project. What a great experience working with Normandy Remodeling! We highly recommend them.”

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