Kitchen Remodeling – Ann S.

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding kitchen renovation that I am now enjoying, thanks to Chris, Andy, Mark and the rest of the crew that worked on my project. It is full of wonderful new features and appliances, and all functionally superior to what was replaced. For instance, I now have cabinetry whose drawers fairly purr when opened and closed, and pull out shelves where my pots and pans are easy to reach. I can use my heaviest stock pot without getting on my hands and knees to retrieve it from the back of a cabinet, and my enlarged pantry makes gathering ingredients just as easy. There is wonderfully functional storage space galore, and not one inch of space is wasted. And what a beautiful room it is! The colors are stylish yet timeless, the drawer and door pulls are simply gorgeous and the light fixtures are inspired choices. It’s classic, it’s modern, it’s everything I’d hoped for.”

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