Kitchen Remodeling – G.M.K.

“Normandy did our kitchen redesign and rebuild. Our home is more than 100 years old, so we were looking for something that was in keeping with an older home while at the same time updating a very outdated kitchen and space. It turned out very well — and we are exceptionally happy with the result. It was not perfect. There were some issues with the floor materials and with a faucet, but it cost us time more than money. And it ended up being what we wanted. Our designer, Troy Pavelka gave us a unique design solution for the space that was in keeping with the rest of the house (a recent guest made that very comment upon seeing the finished kitchen). And both Troy and supervisor Chris Beck were attentive and responsive. It was not cheap. But we got what we wanted — and it fits with our home. And we would use them again — and likely will.”

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