Kitchen Remodeling – Rita & Rich J.

“A year has passed since our Substantial Completion and warranty work follow up to our kitchen remodeling home improvement project with Normandy.  Each day as we enjoy our morning cup of coffee, we see the beauty around us in our Normandy kitchen and are completely satisfied with the results.  Since we entertain frequently, the kitchen is a lovely gathering place for family and friends.  Our son commented that of all the various projects around the family home, this one is by far the best.  We highly recommend Normandy Construction Co. to anyone seeking a quality result for a home improvement project.

The final product was the result of a staff of highly qualified people who strive for and achieve excellence.

Our designer, Laura Barber, was delightful to work with.  She planned within our budget to create a beautiful, up to date, and functional kitchen.  She worked with our tastes listening carefully, and she graciously guided us to make good decisions, offering and discussing options.  She utilized the showroom examples to help us visualize the products.  Laura was always on time for meetings and returned calls promptly which we appreciated very much.  And she was very patient and pleasant as we revisited ideas before final decisions were made.  Additionally, Laura checked with the department engineers to ensure accuracy of the design.  The original design was improved on in several iterations as she suggested better options.  We felt comfortable in our work with her and confident in her advice.  In fact Laura entered the kitchen in a contest and it won first place!

Our job site superintendent, Eric Rieman, was also amazing.  Throughout the project he stopped by, often times at the end of the day, to make sure he answered any of our questions about the progress.  He checked on the job progress and our mental state, questions, and concerns.  Eric has a great sense of humor and this is reflected in his relationships with us and with his excellent rapport with the workers.  The rapport was enhanced by his background and knowledge.  A big gut remodel of a kitchen is complex and unforeseen things come up that are normal to the process.  Another of Eric’s positive qualities is his approach to the inevitable project problems that came up.  He got it done!  We appreciated his attention to detail and his prompt attention to the problem.

Finally, warranty work was again well done by Tom.  We were advised to wait until after the winter to have Normandy repair the cracks in the dry wall and countertop grout.  The repairs were completed to perfection!  We were impressed by Tom’s skill, thoroughness, and his attention to detail.

In every measure, Normandy Staff and organization receive our highest recommendation for home projects. We definitely will use Normandy for any future home projects.”