Kitchen Remodel – Hank B.

“We needed a kitchen remodel. We went to a “Homeshow”, at a local hotel. Normandy Construction was there along with a lot of other companies for all types of things from bathrooms to windows. Normandy went the extra mile with a speaker and a slide presentation. Also had a question and answer time afterward. The speaker turned out to be a designer that helps through the process. Her name was Karen Chanan. We hired Normandy and she was our designer. She was amazing to work with! She helped us put styles and colors together so perfectly. We didn’t know there were so many colors just for grout! Anyway, the showroom has everything you’ll ever need to pick from and an expert designer to guide you. It just got better after that because they line everything up for you. They get the permits, and the dumpster. They even supply a port a potty for the tradesman and a lockbox for the door so you’re not chained to the house. A superintendent is in charge of everything as well. In our case, our superintendent was Jim Leslie. He was amazing on every level! We felt so comfortable knowing he would take care of anything that needed attention. He always made sure to send us an email nightly to let us know what to expect and when. He also let us know anytime we had a question or concern that we could call, text, or email anytime. He made sure all tradesman were on task and accomplishing what they needed to do. Every tradesman that came to our house was polite, respectful and skilled in their area from demo crew to clean up crew! We are thrilled with our new kitchen!!”

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