Home Addition – Phillip B.

“Our project was completed in late 2010 but we have had Normandy come out for a tweak or two on things since (they have a 5 year warrantee) and I continue to be impressed with them and their workmanship.  In 2009, we had many problems with our 150-year old Second Empire Victorian house that other builders refused to tackle without massive cost or need for material building code variances.  We needed to replace a sagging separate garage, add a bedroom, ideally update our baths and closets to 21st  century standards.  And I truly wanted to keep all of the old character of the house.  Troy, our architect at Normandy did an amazing job.  I had a lot of demands but he was always patient and creative in his solutions.  In the end, I’d challenge anyone to figure out where our old house (and it’s very unique construction techniques and trim details) ends and where the addition begins.  We incorporated the garage into the house without making it obvious, added spiral steps, added a master bath and bedroom, modified another bath and laundry, added closets, and modified our mud room and kitchen for the new design.  Additionally they dealt with period trim and details (such as push button light switches, Victorian hinges, specific doors ) that I wanted replicated throughout the house.

Chris Beck and his team were the other reason this all worked out well.  It was a very invasive remodel, which can get emotional, but they were always understanding and professional.  We did run into a few snags — mostly due to the age of the house and prior remodeling problems that weren’t obvious on the surface, but Chris always kept things going.  They had an excellent team of artisans that dealt with custom mouldings, unusual roofing, copper work customization, stucco, etc.  We have gotten so many compliments on the house, I’ve stopped counting.  And when we’ve had a few follow-up issues, they’ve always been prompt and addressed them without complaint or hassle.

Yes, they can be more expensive than the competition, but if it’s something you want done correctly, it is definitely worth the extra cost. “

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