Home Addition – Michael A.

“I cannot say enough great things about Normandy and the professional people I worked with on this project. Leslie Lee was my designer, and Andy Healy was the project manager.  I first met with Leslie about a year ago. She came to my house and spent several hours with me, talking through what I’d like to see accomplished. I remember asking her if Normandy charged more for materials that were above “mid-grade,” and she laughed a little. She promised that all materials used would be high-end. (They definitely were).  She listened closely, and a few weeks later provided my husband and me with four great options for the renovation. Her designs were fantastic, and kept with the style of our home. We chose the option we wanted, and over the next few weeks the house was measured and detailed plans created. While we waited for the plans to be approved by the city, we started picking out all of the materials. Leslie was so patient with us as we went back and forth on what materials we wanted. She met with us on the weekends in the showroom due to my schedule during the week. She was fantastic in guiding us on which cabinets would look nice with which countertops and flooring, etc.  Once the plans were approved, the work started in January. Andy, the project manager, was great about keeping us informed as to the progress, what was going to be happening each day, etc. His genius idea was to build temporary stairs on the outside of our home for the workers to access the work area. This meant that I never saw a worker walk through my home until months later when the stairs came down and then only finishing touches were being made. I was prepared for a renovation of this magnitude to be a horrific experience, but it was close to painless. The main work took place between January – April. January was kind of a wasted month though since the weather made most of the month unworkable. Andy was frequently on the site to monitor the work being performed, and continued to provide me constant updates.  The final product is remarkable. It looks like my home was meant to be built this way. It doesn’t look like a renovation was done, which is fantastic. I would definitely do it again, and will use Normandy for any future renovation projects. The price was high, but well worth it. You really do get what you pay for, and my new space looks so high-end. We could not have asked for a better team from Normandy to help us! “

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