Bathroom Remodeling – Martyn M.

“They were phenomenal.  The workmanship was first rate.  They were incredibly responsive.  The project supervisor always returned phone calls and was very patient.  The quality of the workmanship was just awesome.  I was amazed.  The best room in the house was the one they built.  The quality of their workmanship was what stood out to me the most.  They are a general contractor.  They got the guys that work for them very carefully.  They are good.  They are very professional.  I just thought they were a little high, but it wasn’t crazy expensive.  It was on the high end.  I think now they are amenable to negotiations and you probably would get a much better deal than I did.  I am a new homeowner and I asked my dad about them because he has owned houses for a long time and he said that the cheapest things that you ever build will be the most expensive things you will ever own.  We had asked around and we heard nothing but good things about them.  “

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