Home Addition – Jim C.

“Normandy designed and built a 1-story 16’x19′ addition onto our house.  The initial design meetings were helpful. Our rep listened to what we were looking for and then came back with some ideas and drawings. We liked some things and didn’t like others and were able to pick and choose, with his help, what would make the most sense for us. It took a little while to obtain permits from our village and then begin excavating, but once things got underway, the process was significantly less stressful than we had expected. Our project supervisor, Chris, was great at communicating with us and monitoring the progress. Except for the concrete crew, every contractor used was very sympathetic to our privacy and comfort, often taking a few minutes to explain what they were doing and what still needed to be done. The concrete contractor used our front lawn to store his backhoe for a few weeks, but Chris followed through with having them move it, which was great. We get compliments from people passing by that the addition fits very well with the existing house and you wouldn’t know it was added 60 years later. We love the space and have had no issues with some severe weather in the area.”

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