Home Additions – Mark & Michelle R.

“Why Jennifer Rocks:
1) She’s open minded, so it’s easy to share ideas without feeling judged. Sometimes a designer can be so into current trends or their own style that it feels like they look down on anything that doesn’t match. Jennifer really listened to what we were trying to do & why it was important to us to have certain features. She was not afraid to challenge me when she thought I might be making a mistake (she saved me from a few), but she was tactful and educational, so it was easy to understand her point of view. And she respected our budgetary concerns, never judging our need to save money where we could.
2) She was genuinely excited for us every step of the way – it was obvious that her priority was creating something we love. Months afterward she was so thrilled to photograph it you would think it was her new master suite!
3) She was so patient and flexible. In the beginning I was convinced I wanted a custom built vanity, and she spent hours meeting with me to design it and then more time drawing it up to scale. Ultimately I decided to save money on the vanity so I could spend it on other materials. I thought she was going to kill me when I told her, and she just said “No big deal, that’s what I’m here for.”
4) She was an invaluable translator. She understood what we wanted and communicated it to the architects drawing up the plans. I realize this is her job, but we were thankful for her knowledge of architecture and her ability to put it into layman terms for us.
5) She was always involved; we never felt like she made the sale and disappeared. She checked in frequently, even after the design phase was over.”

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