Bathroom Remodeling – Richard N.

“My overall experience with Normandy Remodeling was really excellent. Heather Dalskov was the architect/designer who guided us through our bathroom remodeling project from beginning to end. She was extremely professional and caring about what we desired in our bathroom and matched that with her designing expertise. She did not force her ideas on us but respected our ideas. She guided us through every aspect of the project from initial planning/blue prints, to color of tiles, to shower types, to the bathroom skylight, and even down to details of the exact style of knob for our vanity. Very importantly, she always returned our calls or emails very promptly which was a very professional. We always felt that she was very concerned about our project, trying always to give us the best possible design which matched our budget and our tastes. I also must mention Ken Garrison who was the field supervisor who worked closely with Heather. He was wonderful to work with because he knew all facets of the project and lined up every artisan/worker–carpenters, plumbers, electricians, insulators, wallboard installers, tilers, shower glass installers,etc. to appear seamlessly one after another with no long waiting periods between workers. Our project completion deadline was Christmas, 2011; the clean up crew finished three days before Christmas, so the bathroom was ready for Christmas. It is important to say that no project proceeds without hitches, but it is how these hitches are handled by the company which is important. Heather, Ken, and their team at Normandy handled whatever came up in a very forthright and professional manner to complete the project with integrity. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Normandy Remodeling along with Heather Dalskov and Ken Garrison.”

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