Wooden Kitchen Countertops Pros and Cons

kitchen countertop ideasWooden countertops for kitchen design are a fantastic option to create a focal point in a kitchen, however, like other natural countertops require maintenance.  “In order to keep the countertop from drying out and avoid bacteria build up, wood tops need to be regularly cleaned and oiled,” says Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant. “The other element to consider is that wood tops are more prone to scratches and rings; but advantage wood tops offer is that they can be sanded down kitchen countertop ideasand refinished if damaged.”  An end grain butcher block is something else to consider for your kitchen to get the best of both worlds.  It adds variety in a kitchen, creating interest and added functionality, while allowing for less maintenance than an entire wooden countertop.

“End grain butcher blocks and wood countertops are a great way to introduce warmth and texture into a space,” commented Stephanie, “And because there are so many wood varieties, it’s a material that can fit any kitchen style.  Exotic woods can add a dramatic touch to the kitchen, whereas your classic woods fit right in with the traditional style.”


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