Kitchen Cabinet Mullion Styles

mullion cabinetryA mullion, in regard to glass cabinetry, is an element that divides the glass.  It can be done in different styles and patterns, although is typically used with kitchens that follow the traditional style.  It’s an added level of decoration that homeowners utilize as a way to tie everything in a kitchen together, giving the space an elegant or vintage look.

“Mullions are very popular in a hutch or butler pantry to really showcase homeowners’ glassware,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee, “They’re not something that you’re going to see often in a modern or contemporary kitchen because they really don’t fit that style.  You will see them in a traditional or transitional style of kitchen, typically used as accents on the upper cabinets.”

If you’re considering mullions for your cabinets, check out the examples of patterns to see which patterns reflect certain styles.  As you can see in the photo gallery below, mullions add a beautiful, decorative touch to a cabinet.

media center in kitchen

1. Cathedral style mullions. A very traditional style of mullions.







2.  Traditional mullions.  Used primarily in traditional kitchens and vintage inspired kitchens.





transitional style kitchen ideas


3.  Criss Cross Mullions.  Used in kitchens with a transitional based style.








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