Refrigerator Drawers For Kitchen Organization

kitchen renovation created by Normandy Designer Gary CerekRefrigerator and freezer drawers are a fantastic way to really organize your kitchen staples.  Whether they’re used for fresh produce, beverages or frozen foods, it’s great to have that designated area that not only increases organization, but is an added convenience for busy families.  Sub-Zero and Wolf offers integrated refrigerator drawers, so you can seamlessly incorporate them into almost any room in your home!

While refrigerator drawers are a prime example of the latest in kitchen innovation, it’s definitely fun to look back in time to see what the “most innovative design” in kitchens used to mean…


Sub Zero and Wolf

A 1940’s upright freezer by Sub Zero and Wolf







Sub-zero and wolf technology

A 1950’s upright freezer by Sub Zero and Wolf







sub zero and wolf products

A 1960’s refrigerator and freezer by Sub Zero and Wolf







paneled refrigerator sub zero and wolf

A 1990’s integrated refrigerator by Sub Zero and Wolf







kitchen innovation sub zero and wolfA 2000’s refrigerator by Sub Zero and Wolf with French Doors






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