Red and Blue Kitchen Designs

This time of year there’s a lot of talk about red vs blue.  However, in the design world, red and blue are always popular colors to incorporate into kitchens because they exudeBlue Kitchen pictures a sense of simplicity and strength.  Either color makes a great focal point, accent or main theme throughout the kitchen when done correctly.  Since they are strong colors, you don’t want to overwhelm a smaller space with too much of it, but muted or more natural versions of those colors can easily be incorporated into any space without becoming overwhelming.

“Given that red and blue are each strong colors, it opens the door to a variety ofRed Kitchen Ideas ways to incorporate them into a kitchen,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee, “Plus, adding a pop of color has been a huge trend in 2012, and I don’t see it leaving in 2013.”  Red tones can be bold, as in a fire engine red backsplash tile, or more natural and tending towards a rusty red or red rock inspired earth tones.  Blues also take their inspiration from nature and cabinetry with a crisp yet soothing robins-egg blue colors have become quite popular in kitchen design.

Whether you’re trying to make a visual statement with color, or looking for a perfect subtle accent in the kitchen, there is a wide variety of ways to incorporate red or blue into your kitchen design.  The warmth, character, and personality that these colors bring into any home are sure to be a stylish alternative for years to come.  To discover how to incorporate color into your kitchen, schedule an appointment with Leslie today.



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