5 Tips For Preparing Your House For A Kitchen Remodel

white kitchen ideas created by Normandy Designer Leslie MolloyA successful kitchen remodel is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, but the transformation is worth it.  Your dream kitchen is waiting at the finish line, and we’ve got Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy’s 5 tips to prepare for the construction phase.

“I don’t think anyone can ever be 100% ready to have strangers and field work going on in their house on a daily basis, but these steps will help absorb the shock a little,” says Leslie.

“1.  Make sure all your selections are complete before construction begins to minimize down time in the field and make the process less stressful.

2.  Order your appliances around the time selections are completed, that way you don’t have to worry about them being discontinued.

3.  Remove decor off adjacent walls and furniture near the entryways of construction to avoid them being damaged.

4.  Purge your kitchen.  Odds are you don’t really need those spices from 1989 if they’re still in your cupboard, and you’ll be glad you threw them out before you have to move everything back into your new kitchen.

5.  Set up a temporary kitchen to offset not having a kitchen during the renovation.  Oftentimes people will grill out as much as possible, move small appliances like microwaves into the dining room to use there and move their refrigerator elsewhere to continue using it to keep food from going bad.”


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