When to Pick a Peninsula Instead of an Island

Peninsula or island…? That is the question. These days, it seems like everyone wants an island. But, can a peninsula be a better choice? According to Normandy Designer Amanda Heyland, the answer is yes. Here is when a peninsula makes the most sense.

The first step is to find out if a peninsula is a better fit is to look at your existing layout.

“Islands need comfortable clearances on all sides, so they require a lot of real estate in your kitchen,” said Amanda. “Peninsulas are narrower in size and you only need pass through space on three sides, so it’s a better option when space is limited.”

“To give you an idea of clearance size, the NKBA typically requires 42 inches between countertops and appliances,” added Amanda.

If it turns out that a peninsula is better in the space, don’t worry. They still have plenty to offer. Similar to an island, they provide storage, seating and a long stretch of countertop. They can also be used as a gathering space, work station, for food prep or for serving food buffet style when entertaining.

“Many are concerned about the dead space on the wall perpendicular to the peninsula, but there are some great ways to utilize that area” noted Amanda. “For example, you can add an appliance garage with a cabinet that comes down to the countertop. Or, put in some drawers and make it a mail area. Either way, it gives it a purpose.””

If you have your heart set on an island, but don’t have the space – you might want to consider expanding.

“I’d definitely choose a peninsula over a narrow island,” said Amanda. “A peninsula will keep your space open and comfortable – versus having an awkward obstacle in the center of your kitchen.”

“But, we can always explore the option for a small addition,” noted Amanda.

Set up an appointment with Amanda to start planning your kitchen remodel in more detail. Or, register to attend an upcoming workshop to learn more about the renovation process in more detail. You can also visit the Normandy photo gallery or follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration and ideas.

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