Motion Sensor Faucets for Kitchens

hands free faucet kitchensMotion sensor faucets are gaining popularity in kitchens because they let you wash your hands after prepping food or coming in from gardening without getting the faucet and surrounding area dirty.  “Given that they are fairly new to the market, you won’t find many that boast a truly traditional or modern design; they’re pretty neutral right now in that sense,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee.  “The really good motion sensor faucets have sensors in all directions, making them more effective.”

“Most of the motion sensor faucets double as pull-out sprays, like the Moen MotionSense faucet shown, so you’re not losing a feature that so many homeowners love,” commented Leslie.  “I’d say a con is that some of these faucets run on batteries under the sink that will need to be changed accordingly.”

“Another “hands-free” element that’s becoming popular is the trash can cabinet,” noted Leslie.  “One push of the knee and it opens, and the same to close it.  It goes along the same idea of the faucet and not having to make more of a mess than needed.”


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