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VICKSBURG28Trying to get a table and chairs in a smaller kitchen can be tricky, and even if it fits with the proper 36″ clearance behind the chairs there’s a good chance that it’s disruptive to the kitchen’s flow or makes the space look even smaller.

“It’s a common problem for smaller kitchens to feel cramped when putting in a table and chairs,” says Normandy Designer Ann Stockard.  “A banquette is a really good solution for smaller spaces looking to incorporate seating.  They aren’t in the center of the room taking up unnecessary space, they’re tucked in the corner, which actually adds to a better flow throughout the kitchen.  Banquettes can also incorporate storage into the benches, which is great for extra table cloths and seasonal decorations.  They also offer a little more flexibility in changing up the kitchen’s aesthetic for a change of pace or VICKSBURG26different seasons; one change of the bench cushions can give the whole room a fresh look.  At Normandy, we make custom banquettes, so they fit the homeowners’ needs, style and space flawlessly.”

“Things to be mindful of before switching from a table and chairs to a banquette, are to still provide adequate seating for the entire family,” commented Ann.  “And while banquettes can usually provide a bit more seating (especially if it’s the kids piling in after a soccer game) keep in mind that it is a bit more informal, and that you do have to slide GLL351CMarked-300x231in instead of pulling out a chair.”

“Banquettes aren’t for everyone, but in a smaller kitchen they really do make a difference in opening up the room without sacrificing seating,” says Ann.  “They’re a great touch to medium to large kitchens, as well, serving as a way to bring out the kitchen’s style even more.”

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