Incorporating A Beverage Center Into Your Kitchen

beverage center lighting ideas created by Normandy Designer Leslie Lee.Including a beverage center in the kitchen, or close to the kitchen, has been growing in popularity since the kitchen has become more of a gathering space.  “A beverage center is definitely becoming a must-have for homeowners that entertain,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee.  “It’s a great tool for spreading out the traffic flow, allowing the host to finish up any preparations in the kitchen.  A beverage center also takes some pressure off the main refrigerator, leaving more room for food and serving as the go-to place for beverages.”

“There are so many options for beverage centers Wine refrigerator in kitchen created by Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryantavailable to homeowners,” notes Leslie.  “Whether you need a beverage refrigerator, beverage station or an in-home bar set-up depends on your lifestyle and how often you entertain.  If a beverage station is what you need, keep in mind that a sink really isn’t a necessity for it, which will save on plumbing costs.”

“Two elements of beverage centers that are often overlooked are adequate lighting and the inclusion of shallow drawers for things like coasters and bar utensils,” says Leslie.  “Both are important for the beverage center to serve its purpose effectively.”
Wine refrigerator in island created by Normandy Designer Ann Stockardbeverage center with wine refrigerator created by Normandy Designer Gary Cerek











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