Benefit of Kitchen Prep Sink

If you’ve got a family that almost always has more than one person in the kitchen, then a prep sink might be worth looking in to.  “Prep sinks are a great option for households that have multiple people who are going to be using the space simultaneously,” says Normandy Designer Karen Chanan.  “They’re perfect if you’ve got two people cooking at the same time or if one person is doing the dishes while the other one preps the food.  Prep sinks are for added convenience, as you probably guessed, but they’re also for increased efficiency.  You’re not going to be bumping into one another in the kitchen or waiting for someone to finish with the main sink.”  Prep sinks work great in an island if convenience is key for you, because you have such a large prep surface area right there and there’s no turning back and forth between your island and sink.

Kohler offers a trough sink that is great for people with busy lifestyles,” commented Karen.  “The sink is smaller which saves on space and allows more prep surface.  Once you’re done chopping or slicing the food, you just slide the food scraps to the sink and it automatically takes them down the disposal at the touch of a button.”

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