Tips For Where To Put Your TV

Mounting tv in nicheA newly remodeled room can seem like the ultimate blank slate when it comes time to decorate.  But considering the room’s intended use and developing a furniture plan early in the design process can be immensely beneficial to how you enjoy this new room addition or renovated space. There are certain elements and focal points that are meant to take full attention of a space that don’t always include the TV, even though at times, all eyes tend to be on it.  “Because of the varying tastes and interests TV for master suitehomeowners tend to have, some people choose to make the TV less of a visual statement, but still need to find a way to fit it into the space,” says Normandy Designer Karen Chanan.  When considering incorporating a TV into the rooms of your home, use these 3 tips:

1.  Placement–  When you know your newly designed space will be home to a TV, consider it from the beginning. This way you can design it into the space, rather than treating it like an after-thought.  “Keeping the TV in mind can help you decide the orientation of the room and make sure each element is thoughtfully placed,” added Karen. “This includes window placement to reduce glare and purchasing or placing furniture accordingly in order to find a comfortableTv above fireplace mantel solution that makes sense for the room.”

2.  Focal points- Whether it is art, a TV or the fireplace, every room needs a focal point, and the living room is no different. Determining the focal point of the room early on will allow you to build added components into the space in order to hide cords, create a seamless niche or account for larger cabinetry or furniture to place the TV inside, depending on how much attention you wish to call to it.

3.  Intention-  In living rooms and other areas of the home, the TV is usually exposed, however, there are other alternatives to having aTv on swivel base TV in the space, without calling attention to it.  Ways to diminish the presence of the TV in a room are cabinetry, where it can be lowered and raised at the homeowner’s convenience or swivel arms that allow the TV to be flexible for angles it is watched, or mounted.  “Mounting the TV in the corner decreases the opportunity for the television to dominate the look of the room,  thereby letting the intended focal point remain as a stand-alone feature,” noted Karen. “Having an idea of the layout of the space and accounting for furniture and other elements of the room can help create a space ideal for your personal interest and intended use of the room.”


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