Incorporating A Bar On The First Floor Of Your Home

CLUBSIDE35“Typically when people are thinking about incorporating a bar or beverage center on the main level of their home it’s because they entertain frequently,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD.  “While it’s convenient to use the bar as a serving/buffet area if needed for gatherings, the ideal function of the bar is to create a space for guest overflow.  It’s nice to have an area to for people to congregate besides the kitchen, that way the host can finish up preparations without working around everyone.  However, if you are using it primarily as a serving area I would suggest you consider a dry bar, because including a sink will take up serving space.”

wet bar ideas for living room created by normandy designer chris ebert“Since the bar is something that will be quite visible, I recommend designing it to complement the adjacent room styles,” commented Leslie.  “If you’re not a fan of incorporating a bar because it’s too visible for your liking, maybe a butler pantry is something that fits your needs more.  It still serves as a storage area and space to prepare small appetizers, but is typically hidden from sight.”

“Before including a bar, butler pantry, or buffet counter into a room you really need to decide the purpose you need it to serve,” says Leslie.  “Once that is decided, personal preference and the current layout of your home come into play.”

Traditional butler pantry ideas created by Normandy Designer Vince Weberbeverage center by kitchen created by Normandy Designer Ann Stockardwine refrigerator beverage center created by Normandy Designer Gary Cerekhome bar in living room created by Normandy Designer Chris Eberthome bar backsplash ideas created by Normandy Designer Chris Ebert








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