Dormers on Houses

Dormers for houses picturesP1012415Marked-150x150A dormer is a structure that projects out from an existing roof, which has it’s own roof, and often windows as well.  “Homeowners typically add dormers to their roof for one of two reasons; the first being purely decorative, to create more interest in the home’s exterior by visually breaking up the roof line,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee, “The second reason is for functional and decorative purposes, to create interest on the exterior and add more space to the second level of their home.”

engls020Marked-150x150“If you’re considering adding dormers to your home, be mindful that they do present a structural impact on the home, which will play a role in the cost to add them to your particular home,” commented Leslie, “Also, they range in size and shapes, so depending on what you’re looking to achieve you might be pleasantly surprised with the cost.”


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