Clay Roof Tiles vs Synthetic

clay roofing tile ideas created by normandy designer vince weberClay roofing tiles give certain style homes, such as Mediterranean style and bungalows, such an authentic and distinct look which is why homeowners love them.  They also come in a variety of colors and really act as a design element of their own.  Not to mention, these tiles are going to last about 100 years, making it a strong investment.  However, the part that makes most homeowners cringe a little, is the cost.  While they look stunning, they aren’t always the most economical solution.

However, if you’re set on the look and not the price, then looking into synthetic clay roofing tiles might be a step in the right direction.  “You can get synthetic clay roof tiles for up to half the cost of actual clay roofing tiles,” says Normandy Designer John Long.  “Synthetic clay roofing tiles also come in a variety of colors and will last about 100 years as well.  Another perk of going with synthetic clay roof tiles is that they’re not as fragile as clay roof tiles.  So during installation there’s less chance of them cracking if they’re dropped, or if some sort of impact occurs, such as a tree falling on the roof, they’re more likely to withstand it than clay roofing tiles would be.”


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