What is a Japanese Soaking Tub?

Ceramic Japanese Soaking TubYou may have seen small straight sided tubs in décor magazines or on HOUZZ, and wondered what they are. They are called Japanese soaking tubs and have been used for centuries in Japan, and are starting to show up in western bathroom remodels. While they are sleek and compact, you may want to do some research before you take the plunge. Normandy Designer Lisa McManus , ASID, NCIDQ weighs in on all you need to know about the tubs.

Ceramic Japanese Soaking Tub with small seat“Japanese soaking tubs are tall and narrow and may or may not incorporate a seat,” said Lisa. “They can be round or square, and the depth of the tub allows for the average adult to be submerged while sitting upright.”

These soaking tubs are more about relaxation than they are about bathing. “While these tubs provide a different style of bathing, they are still pretty unique in American home designs,” Lisa added.

If your bathroom’s footprint is small, but you still like the luxury of a soak, a Japanese soaking tub might be something to consider since it takes up less space. Keep in mind that the sides are much higher than a traditional western tub and may pose a challenge getting in and out of, if you have any physical challenges. Because of the added height, your faucet may need to be floor mounted or wall mounted which can add to the modern look.

These tubs are particularly well-suited to wetrooms with drainage: a shower in one corner and the tub next to it to avoid excess water splashing on the floor. One of the bonus benefits of a Japanese soaking tub is that a one-person tub often uses less water than a traditional tub of similar dimensions.

chrome faucet for Japanese soaking tub“If you think that bathing while seated upright seems relaxing to you, then you should consider it,” said Lisa. “I would recommend trying one out before you make a decision.”

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