Open Shelving Pros and Cons

open shelving ideas for kitchen created by normandy designer kathryn odonovanOpen shelving is one of those design elements people tend to either love or hate, so if you’re one that loves them – this article is for you.  “Going with open shelving provides an opportunity to break up the look of cabinets upon cabinets in the kitchen,” says Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan.  “They’re great for introducing color and texture into the space with minimal commitment, giving you the ability to swap objects in and out easily.”

“Cabinetry gives you the opportunity to hide clutter, whereas with open shelving it’s all out there for people torustic chic kitchen created by normandy designer kathryn odonovan see.  To avoid a cluttered look, I’d recommend leaving as small of a footprint as possible for items.  For instance, if you’re using the shelves for plates and cups, don’t place the items individually but rather in stacks,” commented Kathryn.  “You also want to avoid the shelves being covered in trinkets and such, which can clutter the shelves in a hurry.”

“Open shelving can work with any style kitchen, providing the shelves and brackets reflect the style you’re going for.  For example, you wouldn’t want fussy, detailed brackets for a modern kitchen,” notes Kathryn.  “Overall, I’d say open shelving is a fun way to bring some drama to the kitchen with scale, color and texture; they’re not a design element you’re going to find in every kitchen.”

Visit our kitchen remodeling gallery for more inspiration, or to see how open shelving looks in spaces other than the kitchen, check out this modern laundry room with chunky open shelves.

thick open shelving ideas created by normandy designer kathryn odonovanopen shelving in kitchen ideas created by normandy designer ann stockardrustic transitional kitchen created by normandy designer kathryn odonovan





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