Mastering Mudrooms

A mudroom can mean a lot of different things to people, but what it ultimately comes down to, is that a mudroom is a space in your home that serves as an organized and functional landing spot for the family.  With that established, I sat down with Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant to help narrow down what needs to be taken into consideration when creating a mudroom and the common trends in mudrooms.

Mudroom furniture“The first thing you need to think about with a mudroom, is what do you want to get out of it and who’s going to be using it.  If you have kids, it’s important to have hooks, cubbies or lockers that they can reach.  At Normandy we really customize mudrooms to the customer, depending on their needs,” says Stephanie.  Some homeowners prefer to have lockers over cubbies to conceal everything, some need a plug-in station for cell phones, iPods and such – it’s all about preference and purpose.  “If a family is constantly on the go, they’ll typically prefer cubbies over lockers because it’s easier to grab what you need and go,” noted Stephanie, “Not to mention if you have pets, a mudroom can easily incorporate a space for their leash and toys.”

A hot trend for the design of mudrooms is incorporating wainscot paneling, which adds an architectural touch to the mudroom.  “Homeowners want the mudroom to look dressed up and like it had genuine thought put into it, whether it’s a small closet with organizers or a room that holds sports equipment and craft supplies,” says Stephanie, “It depends how extensive the homeowner wants the mudroom to be and how much they plan to utilize it.”

Two most overlooked elements of a good mudroom are the materials used for the storage and the flooring.  “I can’t insist enough that homeowners use easy to clean surfaces and flooring that can handle the heavy foot traffic the area will get,” commented Stephanie, “It makes the homeowners appreciate a mudroom that much more when the materials don’t have to be maintained or replaced often.”

Mudrooms can take on all shapes and sizes, Stephanie shared a few of her favorite Normandy mudrooms and explains what makes them great.

mudroom bench1.  “The small niche area was all this homeowner needed. The area was just big enough to carve out open shelving and hanging for coats with 5 different antique door knobs.  I love the natural light coming into this mudroom, it makes it bright and cheery!”




mudroom storage2.  “The open shelving accommodates the homeowners’ containers, giving a place for all the ‘grab and go’ items. Many times I suggest electric outlets behind the open shelving for the cell phone and other electronics, it doubles as a great charging station.”




mudroom lockers3. “The distressed black cabinetry finish is a great look in a spacious area. The closed storage helps concealed the clutter when visitors come to the back door.  The bead board protects the wall from heavy back packs and the paneling also makes the unit appear to be a custom piece of furniture. It’s a great use of space!”



If you’re longing for a beautiful mudroom, but are tight on space, an option you might want to consider is relocating a first floor laundry room to another area of the house; this not only gives you space for a mudroom but creates a better flow throughout your home.  If you’ve got an upcoming project and would like Stephanie’s expert assistance, she’d love to meet with you, so schedule an appointment today!



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