Making Your Mudroom Work for You

Garfield_Hinsdale29When you have small, school-aged children, a mudroom can be extremely beneficial. It not only organizes backpacks, coats and shoes, but cabinetry or cubbies can help to minimize some of the clutter. However, before you carve out this dedicated space, it is important to evaluate its overall placement and purpose.

“Typically, we will customize mudrooms specifically to your family. For example, if you have three children, we will have three lockers or cubby spaces dedicated for each kid,” said Normandy Designer Laura Barber. “From there, we will evaluate drawers, open storage, places to charge tech or whatever else your family might need.”

“It’s also fun to let kids pick out their own hooks and add their own personality to their new personal space,” added Laura.

So, what if you do not have an actual room for your mudroom? The good news is that you can really fashion a space from anywhere, including your kitchen or eating area.

“While it’s nice to have a mudroom in a closed in space, it can be worked in anywhere. It really depends upon your tolerance level for clutter,” noted Laura. “Mudrooms look perfect in a photograph, but in reality the kids are using the space, so there is going to be stuff in there.”

Mudroom cabinet in the kitchenHowever, in the end of the day, some mudroom space is better than none, and carving out a wall for coat hooks and shelving is a better alternative to dropping things on the floor.

“In that case, opting for closed cabinetry can be very helpful,” added Laura.

While having an actual room isn’t necessarily needed for a mudroom, there is one thing that is extremely important… durable materials. That way, this space can put up with the elements. For instance, using tile instead of hardwood will work better for wet or muddy shoes.

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SPRING_LAGRANGE39mudroom with lockers and baskets for storageShelves for baskets surround a spot for hooks and bench for comfortably putting on your shoesMudroom space with cabinets and hooks for jacketsPalantine_Brockway_27ELLINGTON35

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