Kitchen Ideas: Options for an Island End Cap

Kitchen islands are an extremely popular request, most often desired for their prep space, seating and storage. However, while many concentrate on the island shape, material and color, there are other details to dress up its design. One such option is embellishing the ends. Here are some insights from Normandy Designer Karen Chanan on how this option could work for you. End Cap Decor for Island

One of the first things to think about is where the island would be facing, which can help provide some direction with the design.

“If the end of the island faces out towards a family room or dining room, a glass cabinet display or shelving for photos or cookbooks can be a nice touch and much more appealing than looking at the side of a cabinet,” said Karen.
“Additionally, if the island faces near an entertaining area, a bar fridge can make for a great island end cap,” added Karen.

kitchen island with wine storage and contoured countertopOn the flip side, if the island is facing your cooktop, a functional cabinet with space for trays, cutting boards, utensils and spices can also work really well.
“Keeping your cooking utensils in close proximity can be very beneficial when working in the kitchen,” noted Karen.

All in all, creating a design element at the end of your island can be a beautiful and functional option. However, there is some give and take when opting for this style.

“If you decide to have an end display, you are going to take away some storage from cabinetry in the middle portion of the island,” said Karen.

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