Garage Gains New Design and Storage

Back when this La Grange Park family remodeled their kitchen, they worked with Normandy Designer Ann Stockard. So when it was time to renovate their garage, they knew that she was the right designer for the job. As it stood, their two-car garage was undersized and lacked any sort of suitable storage space. Ann’s creative thinking and eye for architectural detail allowed them to gain the garage space they needed while improving the exterior aesthetic of their home.garage and breezeway addition for colonial house

“Prior to renovating, the garage had a flat roof with two separate openings that barely fit their cars let alone any additional storage,” said Ann. “A garage tear-down and re-build was required to give this family exactly that they needed.”

Overall, the new garage was enlarged to be 24 feet wide, and two large dormers with pull down stairs were also incorporated to make the garage attic a usable storage space. Ann also took care to ensure that every architectural detail matched the colonial style home.

“Details like the slate roof, copper gutters and fiberglass columns match existing details, making the garage look like an original part of the home,” noted Ann. “We also selected coach lights that were the right scale. It was important that they fit the addition.”

brick colonial house with garage addition and breezeway“The coach lights on the front of the home were also replaced so that everything coordinated.”

A few other particulars of this garage that really stand out are faux hinges on the door, which give a vintage and old school look. The window panes are also charming, with seeded glass for some added privacy. A decorative trim below the gutters, known as a frieze board, also provides visual interest. A breezeway connects the home and garage together. A feature that isn’t visible to the eye is that the garage door opener is programmed directly into the car for easy access.

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before and after photo of colonial photo with garage additionbefore and after photo of garage rebuild



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