Get on the Ground Floor of Design with Wood Tile

NORMANDY_WAUBONSEE_28When it comes to selecting materials for your remodel, there are more choices than ever before. While natural products have always been in demand, there are now plenty of beautiful, man-made options that mimic the look of a natural product, but provide a slew of additional benefits. One example worth mentioning is tile that looks like wood.

“Wood look tile is quite popular. In some cases you don’t even realize is isn’t wood until you touch it,” said Normandy Designer Jennifer Runner Cross, AKBD.LENOX058

“However, the drawback is that it can be louder and colder than hardwood, with much less give. That’s why location of the tile is very important,” noted Jennifer. “It works well in a mudroom or master bathroom, as opposed to a large space like a kitchen or living room.”

In the Normandy showroom, many of the wood tile options are comprised of porcelain, which has a high-quality look. Similar to wood, plank sizes can vary. There are also a variety of color options including gray, brown, distressed and dlsrn vanityred. The tile can also look like an unfinished wood too.

“With so many options, it’s easy to get everything from a rustic to a contemporary look,” noted Jennifer.

Another perk is that maintenance is less of an issue. This is because porcelain is not a natural material. A basic cleaning is all that’s needed, and grout helps to prevent staining and mold.

Schedule a time with Jennifer to discuss your home remodel and learn more about if wood tile is the right fit for your design. You can also garner more design ideas and inspiration through the Normandy photo gallery and by following Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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