Empty Nesters: Do You Really Need to Keep Your Child’s Bedroom?

The kids are long gone! Now, what on earth should you do with their bedrooms? Do you… A. Leave the room intact on the off chance that they come home for a visit? Or, B. Transform their old room into something that you’ll use? To help you come to a decision, here’s some perspective from Normandy Designer and Architect John Ballack.

“Let me start by saying that if your kids have left the nest, it’s 100% okay to turn their bedroom into a space you can utilize,” said John. “You don’t have to feel guilty! You should use your house in a way that makes sense for you,” said John.

It’s a different time in your life. Your baby is now a grown-up. What worked for them when they were younger won’t work for them as an adult – nor, will it work for you. Plus, there’s no reason to hold onto a bedroom that will only be utilized a few times per year. Instead, you can transform that room into an office, yoga room or dedicated hobby space that you’ll use daily. But, there’s one caveat…

“You shouldn’t reduce the number of bedrooms that you have. This can cause your home value to drop,” said John. “For example, I wouldn’t take two bedrooms and convert them into one large media room.”

So, what do you do when your child comes home for a visit? One option is a hotel. This provides both parties with some privacy. But, if you are adamant that they stay with you, there are some other options.

“Many are hesitant to transform their child’s old bedroom, while simultaneously overlooking how valuable this space can be, particularly if you’re also considering a home addition.  Take advantage of the valuable space you already have for everyday enjoyment and let your son or daughter sleep in another room when they come to visit.  There are Murphy beds and pull-out beds for brief stays,” said John. “Or, if you do keep their room as a bedroom, it will typically become a guest bedroom, so redecorating is in order anyway.”

At the end of the day, you need to think about the best way to use the space in your home and how you want to handle overnight visits. When the number of people living in your home changes, it is possible that you’ll use your home a little differently. This is a good time to reevaluate and see if there are any renovations you need to make throughout your home now that life is different. This includes things like considering a first-floor master suite or aging in place modifications.

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