Double Island Kitchen Design Ideas

double island kitchen ideas created by normandy designer ann stockardIncorporating double islands in a kitchen is a great way to achieve multiple goals.  In this case, the homeowners were big on entertaining guests, and having two islands made the kitchen more of a gathering space.

“When space allows, double islands are a good way to maximize traffic flow without sacrificing storage,” says Normandy Designer Ann Stockard.  “This kitchen now has room for people to gather around one island while food is being prepared on the other, or one can offer hors d’oeuvres while the other double islands in kitchen layout created by Normandy Designer Ann Stockardoffers seating – it just opens the door for added functionality and regular usage of the entire space.”

“The key to making double islands work in a kitchen remodel is having adequate space,” commented Ann.  “It’s really not something that’s easy for a small space to pull off without looking cramped.  Islands are an attractive focal point, but it’s important to make sure their scale is not too overwhelming in relation to the rest of the kitchen.”

Kitchen remodeling ideas created by Normandy Designer Ann StockardKitchen backsplash images created by normandy designer ann stockardkitchen backsplash pictures created by normandy designer ann stockard









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