Defining Boiler Heating Systems

BoilerHeat has always been a necessity and has evolved throughout the years. First there were camp fires, followed by fireplaces and stoves.  Eventually, the boiler was introduced.         

Boilers date back to the late 1700’s. Originally, they used coal, were operated by hand and generated very little heat. However, thanks to technology, this heating system has advanced over the years

In general, Boilers work by generating steam, which is distributed through pipes to a steam radiator. To start, natural gas, oil or electricity heats up the water. A pump them distributes this hot water to the radiator system. Once the water has gone through the radiators it has cooled down, so it returns back to the boiler to pick up more heat.

Boilers can be a cost-effective way to heat your home. Certain models meet ENERGY STAR ® specifications, using 15 to 30 percent less energy. Additionally, electronic thermostats can help to regulate temperature and costs.

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