2015 Bathroom Remodeling Trend Watch

Master Bathrooms continue to be near the top of many homeowners’ remodeling lists, but most people embarking on a remodel are choosing to go beyond simply replacing worn-out fixtures for a newer version of the same. Bathrooms are becoming increasingly unique and personal spaces that are tailored not only to the user’s personal sense of style, but addressing the desire to create a relaxing and serene space that can be enjoyed every day. Our designers have weighed in, and here are the Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends they are expecting to be big in 2015:

master bathroom looking into master suite through arch french doors1. Master Suite: Combining the Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom and closet into a single enclave, known as the “Master Suite” provides an opportunity to recharge and refresh at the end of every day.  Homeowners are choosing complimentary finishes throughout these spaces to create a cohesive look throughout all three areas.

2. His & Hers: Vanities with double bowl sinks have long been a standard for creating a his-and-hers bathroom that has great functionality. That concept has been enhanced even further by creating separate dedicated storage for each person, and at times even separating the two sinks entirely to allow for even more personal space while using their respective vanities.

master bathroom shower without bathtub3. Gray: Neutral colors have shifted away from the old standard of beige or white over the years, leaving room for gray to become one of the most prevalent colors seen today. Gray is seen in a range of various tones providing plenty of flexibility for the style and feel of the space.

4. Tile Accent Walls: Glass tile, textural tile or even intricately designed tile patterns can create a striking focal point within the master bathroom.  These tile walls aren’t limited to showers or wet areas of the bathroom and work exceptionally well in smaller scale bathrooms.

5. Rectangular Porcelain Tile: High-end porcelain tile is a more durable product and requires less maintenance than natural stone options, like travertine or marble, and still provides the space with a luxury finish and refined look. The rectangular shape has gained in popularity for its clean look and it’s versatility in creating unique patterns.

6. Large Walk in Showers: With today’s hectic schedules, homeowners are opting for a soothing shower experience where they can still appreciate their spa like surroundings, rather than indulging in a somewhat time consuming bath. Many homeowners are choosing to remove their bathtub all together in favor of an oversized shower.  If this sounds like something you’d want for your home, the general consensus is that as long as you still have one bathtub in the house, it shouldn’t have a negative impact on your home value or ability to sell when needed.

free standing bathtub in nook7. Freestanding Soaking Tubs: While some homeowners opt to completely remove the bathtub from their master bathroom, others are choosing to incorporate a freestanding tub into their space. These tubs provide an enjoyable bathing experience that doesn’t take up too much floor space, and these soaking tubs are able to suit just about any design aesthetic.

8. Streamlined Cabinetry: Transitional and contemporary cabinet styles will continue to be popular. The the clean lines and simplified aesthetic that cabinetry styles such as a slab or simple shaker door provide to the space frequently enhance the soothing, tranquil nature of today’s Master Bathrooms.

9. Pale Gold Tone Fixtures: Much like we’re seeing in the current kitchen trends, warmer metals are making a return in the bathroom.  Mixing and matching both warm and cool metals together is not uncommon, and pairings such as oil rubbed bronze and nickel are becoming increasingly common.

10. Feature Light Fixtures: Chandeliers and glamorous light fixtures have moved into the Master Bathroom for both the light they provide and their ability to solidify the design aesthetic that is being pursued.

If you would like to learn more about how to apply these remodeling trends to your Master Bathroom remodel, register for one of our upcoming seminars presented by one of Normandy’s award-winning Designers.  Or you can browse photos for more bathroom remodeling inspiration, or schedule a time to meet with one of the talented Normandy Designers to create your own spa-like Master Bathroom.

master bathroom looking into master suite through arch french doors
double bowl sinks in master bathroom
gray white bathroom by normandy designer chris ebert
bathroom design by normandy remodeling designer stephanie bryant ckd
bathroom design by normandy remodeling designer chris ebert
master bathroom shower without bathtub
free standing soaking bathtub
bathroom vanity by normandy remodeling designer stephanie bryant ckd
gold tone master bathroom remodeling trends
walk in shower ideas by normandy remodeling designer jennifer runner akbd


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