What You Need to Know About Water Tiles

body spray designWater tiles are body sprays for your shower that lie almost flush with the wall in your shower, which makes them very appealing when you think of traditional of body sprays that are more obtrusive.

“They are a great way to integrate a spa-like atmosphere into your bathroom, while being low profile enough to serve as accents to a shower and have a nice, sleek look. Water tiles come with a variety of options, including several numbers of nozzles and colors to choose from,” commented Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant, “Be smth-wlsnMarked-150x150aware, however, that the placement of the water tiles is key because their pivot abilities are limited in comparison with traditional body sprays.   You need to account for factors such as how big the shower is, where your going to be standing, etc, to achieve the desired result.”

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