Pebble Flooring For Shower

pebble stone flooring for shower ideas created by Normandy Designer Ann StockardFor those homeowners looking to add a unique touch to their bathroom design, pebble flooring in the shower may be what you’re looking for.  It gives the shower a more earthy, natural aesthetic that works well with transitional and modern designs.

“The flooring is available in 12 x 12 mesh mounted pebbles, so it’s versatile forpebble flooring in shower cost created by normandy designer ann stockard different shower shapes and sizes,” says our Normandy Design Team.  “The pebbles greatly reduce your chances of slipping in the shower, but do expose more grout which can require more maintenance.”

“The texture of pebbles underfoot is obviously different than what most people are used to in the shower,” commented our designers.  “Because of that, I’ve had clients actually take off their shoes and step on the sample to make pebble stone flooring for shower created by normandy designer ann stockardsure the texture was something they wanted.”

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