Expand Bathroom Storage Possibilities With Open Shelving

Open cabinet in cornerOne of today’s increasingly popular trends, open cabinetry, is gradually moving from the kitchen and Open cabinet with televisioninto the bathroom.  “Although the concept of open cabinetry is more popular in kitchens, they are becoming an added feature in today’s bathrooms as well.” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee.  “Open bathroom cabinetry is just a small detail that contributes to the overall design of the bathroom.”

As bathroom layouts have evolved and priorities have shifted, larger vanities are becoming more common, which means more storage options. Open vanity cabinets leave room for accent pieces and occasionally bathroom televisions.Open bathroom shelving

“The versatility and convenience of open cabinetry in the bathroom also allows homeowners to have easy access to their items.” added Leslie, “In smaller bathrooms or in tight corners, where the space can be too confined for a traditional cabinet with doors, open cabinetry allows homeowners take advantage of otherwise wasted space.” Another bathroom storage option includes bathroom niche shelving which is recessed into the wall. This option serves a similar purpose and is effective in rooms exceptionally tight on space.


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