Master Suite Retreat

Master bedroom colors“The Master Suite is often used as an escape, your own personal sanctuary, and there are combinations of design elements that can be used to make this space even more relaxing and serene,” says Normandy Designer Jennifer Runner, AKBD. “The elements that are most widely used to make a big impact include color, lighting and balance within the space.”

How can you decide the color theme for the space? “Color really depends Master suite ideason preference, but I suggest the combination of 3 when it comes to accents and materials,” says Jennifer. “The combination of 3’s are patterns ranging from large, medium and small. This can be used for fabrics such as bedding, pillows, and window treatments.”

It is also important, when decorating your master suite, not to neglect the ceiling.  The ceiling is a blank canvas that is Bathroom ceiling decoroften overlooked.  Materials such as wallpaper, lighting fixtures and appliques of paint, tile, metal or antique mirrors allow the room to have an extraordinary look that suits homeowner’s individual tastes.

What types of lighting are suggested for a Master Suite?  It is important to have lighting that is warm in color, such as dimmers and incandescent light bulbs, to create a relaxing atmosphere. “Homeowners are also becoming attracted to the idea of a fireplace within their master suite to add ambiance, soft-lighting and warmth to the space,” noted Jennifer.

How can you make the most of your master bedroom space?  When Lighting in the master suitedeciding the furniture for your space, it is important to remember what you are trying to accomplish. Each master suite is different and furniture that compliments other unique pieces in order to attain a one-of-a-kind design, is ideal.

“For smaller master suites, light colors and minimal furniture is suggested,” says Jennifer.  “Symmetry, which balances the room, increases the illusion of a larger space.” Adding crown molding, raised window fixtures, tall lamps, shelving and art work above the natural horizon line of 5 feet, will draw attention upward, achieving the look of a taller space even further.

Large master bathroom design

Master suite color combinations










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