Incorporating A Curbless Shower In Modern Bathrooms

curbless shower ideas for modern bathroomModern bathrooms are all about clean, sleek lines.  One of the trends falling into that category are curbless showers, because they can be designed to make the floor look continuous throughout the bathroom.  “This type of shower falls perfectly into the “modern” category,” says Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan.  “One of the newer appeals to this shower is incorporating linear drains, which effectively drains the water and reinforces the clean lines you’ll find in the rest of the space.”  Another pro is that because the shower is curbless, there’s zero tripping hazard; this benefit makes the shower fit for a universal design aspect as well.

Things to consider for a curbless shower are that ideally the entire bathroom has to be pitched, or just the shower if it’s big enough, to adequately drain the water.  It’s also important to still incorporate a screen or curtain to prevent water from getting all over the rest of the bathroom.  If you’re foregoing the screen or curtain, make sure the surrounding materials are all waterpoof or you’re going to run into trouble quickly.


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