Doorless Shower Designs

Doorless showers are great for making a space seem bigger and more open in general, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re set on having one.  The first is that the shower either has to have a curb, like the one in the picture to the left, or be pitched to have the water drain properly.  If you don’t want a curb and the shower isn’t going to be in a bathroom remodel that’s part of a home addition, it’s going to involve breaking joists to pitch the floor.  Doorless showers also don’t keep the warmth and steam in the doorless shower next to tub created by Normandy Designer Jennifer Runnershower as well as some would like, so it can get a bit chillier than you may be used to.

Oftentimes, homeowners will opt for glass frame showers to still have the look of doorless showers and reap the benefits of having the glass to catch the water and keep the heat in.  For those willing to accept the the cons of doorless showers, you’ll love the pros.  In addition to the space looking larger, it’s going to feel very open and spa-like; it’s really a unique experience.



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