The Freestanding Tub Just Got Better

freestanding tub ideas created by Normandy Designer Chris EbertFor all those that love their time in the soaking tub, you’re going to appreciate volcanic limestone quite a bit.  Volcanic limestone tubs have been appealing to homeowners because of their ability to sustain heat and the fact that it doesn’t have a surface coating, making it impervious to chipping or peeling.  “Victoria and Albert has really been able to capture the form and function of these tubs,” says Normandy Designer Chris Ebert.  “In the project shown, the homeowners were drawn to the properties, as well as the beautiful shape.”  Victoria and Albert have dubbed their product as “English Cast” and it’s comprised of volcanic limestone and high performance resins.

“The tub we selected would be comparable, in regards to cost, to your traditional cast iron tubs,” says Chris.  “It just has a couple added benefits that make the classic freestanding tub even more attractive.”


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