2016 Remodeling Excellence Award

On-Trend Kitchen Avoids Trendy Look

Grey and white kitchen cabinets with stone backsplash and geometric island

Earlier this year, we pointed out that many of the 2017 kitchen design trends weren’t particularly trendy at all; in fact many of the most popular selections have a timeless quality to them. This kitchen, by Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD; is a perfect example of how you can capitalize on some of the most popular looks for today’s kitchens without fear of it looking dated in just a few years.

Let’s break down the different aspects of this kitchen that keep it with the times, while avoiding a trendy look:

Grey and white color scheme:  The crisp, white cabinets are toned down a bit by the introduction of soft grays in the backsplash. While white kitchens continue to dominate the landscape, they continue to be popular because they have a classic look that really never goes out of style. The gray component for this kitchen is largely evident in the marble backsplash tile, another classic choice.

Geometric backsplash tile with mirror accentsMarble backsplash:  “Natural stone is always a wish-list item in the kitchen, but marble, in particular can take a beating under the harsh conditions of everyday use in the kitchen,” noted Leslie. Using a triangle-shaped marble tile for the backsplash puts the beauty of Carrara marble on display while decreasing the risk of staining and damage from normal kitchen functions by installing it on a vertical surface.  “You still have the potential for the marble tile to stain, even in the backsplash,” shared Leslie, “so be mindful of marble’s vulnerability before putting it anywhere in your kitchen.”

Maintenance free countertops:  Marble found a place in the backsplash for this kitchen, but a more durable choice for the countertops was in order. “Two different quartz countertop colors were selected, but their muted pattern doesn’t compete with the other elements of the kitchen’s design,” says Leslie. “Because these are man-made countertops, they require virtually no maintenance and can easily withstand the family’s daily use without showing wear.”

Kitchen island with appliance and sinkIsland for entertaining:  Ample space for casual dining, and plenty of space for informal entertaining, the island both provides place for guests to linger, and a barrier to allow the cook to continue undisturbed with meal prep.

Open shelving:  Flanking both sides of the range, the floating shelves provide easy access to dishware and other frequently-used items without the need to open & close cabinet doors. Their symmetrical shape contributes to the overall geometric theme of the kitchen.

LED lighting:  A well-lit kitchen is key for anyone who enjoys cooking, and the use of LED lighting throughout provides plenty of light in the kitchen, without generating additional heat or consuming too much energy.

Unique island shape in this gray and white kitchenIndividuality:  Cookie-cutter kitchens are definitely on the outs, and personal selections that are interesting to you have taken their place. “In this kitchen, the focus on geometry shines through,” commented Leslie. “You can find it in the angular island shape, the triangular shape of the backsplash tile, the emphasis on the square angles for the floating shelves, and even down to the round mirrored tile insets for the backsplash tile.” The details are what elevate this kitchen from ‘just another white kitchen’ into something that has personality and fits this family to a T.

This kitchen skillfully incorporated many of the current trends, while maintaining a sense of individuality and timelessness.  Judges from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Greater Chicagoland agreed, awarding this kitchen a Remodeling Excellence Award.

You can learn more about other projects Leslie Molloy has completed, or schedule a time to talk with her about your kitchen remodel.  Learn more about your kitchen’s potential at one of our upcoming seminars, or find design inspiration and tips on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.




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