2015 Remodeling Excellence Award

Ranch Reconfiguration Leads to Industry Award

Open Concept SpaceThis small ranch home had an even smaller, outdated kitchen that was visually disconnected from the rest of the main living space. Normandy Designer Vince Weber was brought on to explore designing a modern, open-concept floor plan that visually connected the kitchen, eating area and main living space while still allowing for an understanding of where one space ended and another began.

Before 2In order to create the right design, the first step was to figure out how to realize an open floor plan without relocating the central fireplace and mechanical closet. Interestingly enough, the adjacent dining room was previously an attached one-car garage. However, a previous project converted the area and added an attached two-car garage to the home

Before“It was decided early on in the process that the open floor plan would take shape by using and opening up the existing dining space,” said Vince. “This was achieved by eliminating the walls between the existing kitchen and living room, as well as the large wall between the kitchen and dining space, which was, at one time, an exterior wall.”

Once the open floor plan was realized, the focus on was incorporating durable, low maintenance materials that enhanced the homeowner’s modern style.

“One of our decisions was to install a tile floor throughout the first floor public space in order to create a modern, cohesive feel,” said Vince. “Another huge benefit to a low maintenance porcelain tile floor material was the implementation of a “Nu Heat” heated floor system to keep the home warm in the winter.”

Open Concept 2Another material choice that enhanced the modern feel of the kitchen design was the use of a quartz counter top. This kept with the clean simple lines and simple color pallet of the design, while also offering the low maintenance characteristics the homeowners were seeking.

The ceramic tile backsplash with a mosaic-like also brought a modern feel to the space. With an easy to clean surface and very little grout lines, this was the perfect choice for a long lasting, good looking design element.

Beam and StorageWhile design elements were important, it was also imperative to ensure that there were ample amounts of storage space. Vince took the opportunity to creatively incorporate additional cabinetry and a vertical wine storage unit within the large beam in the kitchen.

The final result of this project is a modern, functional, open kitchen with thoughtful attention given to material choice, storage, innovation, and overall flow for the client and her family. Overall, this mix of function and style resulted in recognition from the design industry, with a Remodeling Excellence Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Set up a time to meet with Vince to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen, or register to attend our upcoming seminar to learn more about the remodeling process. You can also follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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