Beautiful Kitchens & Baths Spring 2013

0613_Beautiful-Kitchens-and-BathsAlthough vintage decor may not be for everyone, it’s still a style that most people love to admire, even if it’s not something they would personally use. This Normandy bathroom was recently featured in Beautiful Kitchens & Baths (a Better Homes & Gardens publication), in addition to several other publications since its creation in 2009.

What’s the major appeal to this bathroom? It automatically sets a strong theme for the entire space. Everything from the jeweled chandeliers to the console sinks lets visitors know that this is an elegant, vintage bathroom. One problem that homeowners tend to run into when decorating their bathroom is incorporating too many themes, giving the space a cluttered or confused look instead of a smooth, defined aesthetic. This bathroom nails the details of a vintage style without going overboard, and that is why it’s such a big favorite.

For more pictures of this bathroom and details, read the full blog.

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